Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 9: April 29th, 2014

Today we were given the chance to teach for the first time in Germany. Three of us, Jennay, Emily, and I were assigned to Heike's classes. So, we observed and taught in her English classes. The reason we are with her is because next week, we will be at the elementary school in Herbern. We had five periods today. Fifth grade was in the morning for two periods. Then seventh grade for two periods, and eighth grade for one period. We did some spontaneous teaching today. During seventh grade, Heike threw me in and had me review with them some grammar sentences with past present tense. It had been a long time since I had learned this grammar, so it was very confusing at first. Plus, the students learn British English and not American English. There is a difference! I did well with it and was glad.In the eighth grade class the three of us talked about small town life in America and helped the students come up with pros and cons to living in a small town.

One thing I like about German schools is that they allow many breaks. After every two periods, the students are given a break. The times very from 25, 20, to 15. The students are allowed to go outside, eat a snack, or use the bathroom. This allows the students to take what we would call in America a "brain break". We need more of those in American schools.

After school Emily and I went with her host mom to Munster to get the German Rail Passes stamped for tomorrows train ride down to Munich. It was a short drive on the autobahn to Munster. That was my first time driving on the autobahn and it was really fun and we went fast! While we were in Munster we walked around and saw some of the churches and castles. While visiting the castle, which is part of the university,  there was a small soccer game being played on the lawn out front. When leaving the castle the ball was kicked over our way. I trapped it and passed it back! I was so excited that was the first soccer ball I touched in Germany!!

We arrived home. I ate a quick bit for dinner and then headed up stairs to pack for the weekends trip to Fussen and Munich!

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