Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 5: April 25th, 2014

Today we had a tour planned in the morning with a lady who lives in Berlin. Her name is Elaine, she is a friend of Dr. McGee. She showed us several different sights on the East side of Berlin.

List of sights:
1. Brandenburg Gate: It has become a great symbol of unification in Germany
2. Tiergarten: This garden is right out side of the Brandenburg Gate. The Gate used to be used as the main entrance into the city. The garden outside was the Kings hunting grounds. During WWII the garden or park was used to supply the people with fire wood and later used as a vegetable garden.
3. The Holocaust Memorial: This was a very interesting memorial. It was just a bunch of big stone rectangular prisms that you could walk in and out of, sort of like a maze. It is hard to describe the feelings I got as I walked through the memorial. At times I felt like I was experiencing what all the people in The Holocaust had experienced. It was dark, scary, and cold in the middle because the prisms were very tall. I felt trapped and alone.
4. Check Point Charlie: The famous spot where U.S. forces patrolled the boarder between the East and West Berlin
5. Famous Opera House
6. A memorial students had build outside of the university for the books that were burned by Nazi students.

After lunch we did a lot more sight seeing. We went to the East Side Gallery which was incredible. The paintings on the wall were outstanding. Each one had a story to tell. We went to an area that showed the land between the walls. It was very interesting to see the design. Lastly, we did some more shopping before heading back to the hotel for the evening.

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