Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 10: April 30th, 2014

We leave for Bavaria today! First, I had one class in the morning with Heike. All six of the elementary teachers were in the class. The three of us who were with Heike yesterday had the opportunity to observe the other elementary teachers in action! For the rest of the morning Emily and I waited at the school and walked around Werne some. We found an ALDI near the school and looked around. I learned that ALDI was founded in Germany by brothers. We ate lunch at the school and then waited some more for our train.

Our train was leaving from Werne at 4:15. I was glad when the train finally came! We had about a 7 hour train ride to Kempten and we had to change trains a couple of times. Our train was delayed on the way to Ulm, so we got into Kempten later than we wanted  because we had to wait for the next train.

A friend of Emily's host mom graciously offered his home for us to spend the night in Kempten. He was there to pick us up at the train station around 11:30pm! He was very nice man for staying out that late and helping us. One thing that holds true is that German people are nice and willing to help people.

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