Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 4: April 24th, 2014

Sorry for not keeping my blog updated. I have been very busy in Germany these past couple weeks. On April 24th, we had another busy schedule planned. After eating breakfast, the group took a train to a town outside of Berlin called Potsdam. In Potsdam we did a six hour bike tour of the town. A lady named Dorris was our guide for the day. We rode around the countryside and through down town Potsdam. This was an excellent way to see the whole town in one day. We calculated it we rode around on our bikes for 12 miles! During the tour she showed us famous palaces and castles, the house where the famous Potsdam conference was held, special landmarks related to when the Berlin Wall was standing. The town was very beautiful. I enjoyed riding through the town and seeing all the amazing things Potsdam had.

We returned our bikes back at the train station. A group of us decided to go back to Berlin. We were going to visit the East Side Gallery where part of the Berlin Wall was still standing, but we thought it was going to rain so decided to wait till another day. Instead, we visited the Berlin Dome and took the tram back to our hotel.

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