Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 11: May 1st, 2014

May 1st! This is an important day in Germany. Today is recognized as a day of rest for many workers. Many of the shops, stores, and restaurants are closed on this day.

Reiner was the name of the friend who let us stay at his house. I forgot to mention that in my last blog post. When we woke, up he had breakfast prepared for us. The usual meat, bread, and jelly. I can finally announce I had my first cup of coffee. I do not drink coffee, but Reiner poured me a glass and I did not want to be rude and not drink it. So, I added a bit of milk and drank it. It was not bad, but I still do not like it!

He offered to take us around Kempten for an our in the morning before we caught the train to Fussen. We spent an hour downtown Kempten looking at the old, historical buildings. There were not many people in the streets because of May day. It was very quiet and peaceful. We learned that Kempten is the oldest German town.

After walking around town, Reiner graciously offered to drive us to Fussen. It was a short 30 minute drive compared to the 1:20 ride on the train. We agreed and hopped on the autobahn! Reiner went 205 kmph which is really fast in mph! It was fun!

In Fussen, Reiner ended up staying with us most of the day and showed us around Fussen. We wanted to go hiking in the Alps and near Neuschwanstein castle. He showed us a trail that took us up the back side of the castle and gave us a great view of the town and landscape! I love going hiking and taking pictures of nature. This was my favorite part of the trip so far. Everything was so beautiful and amazing! We hiked for about 3 hours. We told him we really wanted to go to Austria, so Reiner once again offered to drive us across the boarder. In a matter of minutes we were in Austria!! We drove to this small restaurant by a lake in the Alps. It was a great sight to see. We ate inside with the Alps right outside our window. At the restaurant I finally tried Germany's version of macaroni and cheese. It was delicious!

For the next couple hours we drove around Austria and back into Germany. Reiner new the area fairly well. He took us to some smaller towns and a beautiful Catholic church in the area.

Around 7 we made it back to Fussen where Reiner left to go back to Kempten. We were very grateful for him showing us around the area. Without him we wouldn't have been able to see half of the things we got to see that day. It was a great day in Bavaria!

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