Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 24: May 14th, 2014

Last day in Germany! Today we had one class in the morning. We spent the period reviewing stories students had written about a group of pictures. I helped them correct their grammar and sentence structure. After class, the principal gave a farewell speech to us. We spent the next couple hours trying to complete the video over our trip in Germany. We stayed until lunch. After lunch, Kelli, Lauren, Emily, and I walked to Werne. Emily and I wanted to walk around the town one last time. We stopped in a couple of stores. We took the bus back to Herbern around 4:30.

For dinner that night we made homemade pizza. Peter showed me how their pizza dough machine worked. We spent some quality family time making pizza and preparing dinner. After dinner, we got a family picture. I brought down my gifts I bought for the family in America. They just loved the gifts I got for them. I spent some time showing them the picture book I brought about the Bluegrass. It was a great last night. I spent the rest of the night sadly packing up my belongings.

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