Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 20: May 10th, 2014

It is my last weekend here in Germany! It is crazy to think that the trip is almost over. Today was spent doing a student teaching workshop. At 9 in the morning we meet at the Anne Frank. During the morning session we learned about the university program to become a teacher and discussed how the two were different and similar. For lunch we went to the famous pizza restaurant in Werne. It was delicious! In the afternoon session, a lady came and taught up some games we could play with students to help them learn content. It was very fun and helpful. The last part of the workshop was spent meeting a parliament member who lived in Hamm.

I spent the evening with my host family. I went to the grocery store and we rented a movie. That night, Franzi and I watched a movie in her room. It was a nice, relaxing night!

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